Outdoor Application CATV Trunk 10D-FB Coaxial Cable


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Construction and Properties:




3.50mmBC+10.0mmFPE+Bonded Al Foil+85%TC+13.0PVC

10D-FB Coaxial Cable
1) Construction
Center Conductor: 3.50mm Solid Copper
Dielectric: 10.0+0.02mm Foam PE
Shield: Bonded Al Foil
Braid Coverage: 85%TC
Jacket: 13.0+0.10mm PVC
Jacket Thickness: 1.0mm
2) Characteristics
Inner Conductor Resistance: 3.31ohm/km
Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000 ACV/min
Impedance: 50+2Ohm
Capacitance: 85+3nF/Ft (Nom.)
Echo Loss: VHF: 20 dB/ UHF 18 dB

3) Attenuation
Attenuation [@68o F. (20o C.)]
Frequency (MHz) Nom.(dB/100 ft.)
150 4.1
280 5.6
350 6.3
400 6.9
800 10.2
900 11.1
1200 13.4
1500 15.3
1900 17.7







Standard Packing Options:


--100m/Coil with Shrinking Film Wrap,  6 Coils per outer carton.

--100m/Spool, can be Paper, Plastic, or ABS spool, then 3-4 spools per outer carton,

--200m or 250m per Drum, two drums per carton,

--305m/Wooden Drum, one drum per outer carton or pallet loading,

--500m/Wooden Drum, one drum per outer carton or pallet loading,

--1000m or 3000m wooden drum, then pallet loading.

*We can also offer customized OEM packing according to clients' request.


Shipping Method:

Usually we deliver our products to clients by SEA.

Other delivery methods are also available upon request. from clients.


Warranty: 5 years

Delivery: 15-25 days after deposit

MOQ: 30KM per cable

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