75 Ohms 3C-FB Coaxial Cable

75 Ohms 3C-FB Coaxial Cable

75 ohms 3C-FB Coaxial Cable Product Description Characteristic impedance 75 ohm Rated capacitance 54 pf/m Velocity of propagation 82% Operating frequency 1~2000 MHz Operating temperature -25°C~70°C Minimum bending radius 55 mm Return loss VHF≥20 UHF≥18 Attenuation at typical frequencies MHz...

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Product Details

product description

Product Description

Material                               Diameter
1. Inner conductor                       Bare Copper                              0.60mm
2.Insulation Layer                 Foam Polyethylene (FPE)                          2.95mm
3.Outer Conductor       APAl Foil + Tinned Copper Braiding/ Bare Copper Braiding        3.60mm
4. Jacket                      Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC )                             5.00mm                   

Characteristic impedance                                         75 ohm
Rated capacitance                                               54 pf/m
Velocity of propagation                                           82%
Operating frequency                                             1~2000 MHz
Operating temperature                                            -25°C~70°C
Minimum bending radius                                          55 mm
Return loss                                                           VHF≥20
Attenuation at typical frequencies
MHz               ≤db/100m MHz                ≤db/100m
5                       3.01                                                    400                          28.2 
50                    9.64                                                     550                          33.3
200                  19.6                                                     900                          44.2

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