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Cable specifications, cable selection techniques
- May 25, 2018 -

The difference between a cable and a wire

The unification of cables and wires is called wires and cables. There is no fixed and accurate distinction between wires and cables. Generally speaking, a wire is made of one or more conductors, such as copper and aluminum, which are twisted together. A cable is made up of one or more conductors, each of which is twisted together by one or more conductors, with a sheath around it. So simply put, each cable is the equivalent of a wire.

Cable selection techniques

1. Safety. When purchasing cables, the first thing to see is whether the cables are safe and have CCC certification marks. Cable is also a national mandatory safety certification product, all cable products must pass the CCC certification mark of the national electrical products certification commission before qualified products. Also see inspection report of cables, cable will affect personal safety and property safety, so the cable has always been the focus of the government safety supervision and inspection, regular factory will be according to the periodic accept supervision department inspection, at the time of purchase, seller should provide quality inspection report of quality supervision department.

2. Packaging. Cable products actually and other bad review packaging is different, but all large and cable products to meet the requirements of national standard normal company, cable cable is attaches great importance to the packaging, so the cable assurance must be beautiful, to print clearly, some cable information such as product type, specification and address are complete.

3. Appearance. The appearance of cable products is also important. The color of cable products should be even, and the appearance should be round, smooth and smooth. In order to improve the quality of cable products and ensure that the products meet the requirements of national standards, the cable products are required to have uniform color, smooth and round. Rough and inferior cable product appearance without burnish, for exterior insulation of cables to must be tightly wrapped, and not easy to be stripped, poor cable general appearance is very rough, insulation sleeve and strength is low, with the hand can be torn off.

4. Length. The length of the cable should also meet the requirements of national standards. Fake and inferior cable products are also different here. When you buy a cable, don't be cheap. Buy 80m, 90m, or even unmarked length cables. Generally, the cable length stipulated by the standard should meet the standard requirements of 100 + + 0.5m, which is also 100 meters, and the error can only be between 0.5m, not too large.

5. The conductor. The conductor of cable line must have luster, the resistance of dc, the size of conductor structure should accord with the national regulation. The products prescribed by the state for the cable line, be they aluminum conductors or copper conductors, require smooth, non-greasy and high brightness.

Cable specifications, models and prices

Cable quotation YJV4*95+1*50 299.00

Specification and model of wire and cable price of wire and cable is 70.00

Cable quotation YJV4*95+1*50 299.00

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