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Coaxial cable history development
- Jun 04, 2018 -

In 1880 ─ oliver dimensional black plug in England get the coaxial cable of the patent (patent number 1407).

In 1884 ─ Werner von Siemens in Germany a patent on the coaxial cable.

─ in 1941 in the United States, AT&T laid the first commercial coaxial cable. And in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Wisconsin, Stephen puint. The L1 system it USES can hold a TV band or 480 telephone lines.

1956 ─ the coaxial cable of the first Transatlantic ─ ─ TAT - 1 (Transatlantic No. 1) has laid a good. [1]

Broadband cable

It is a standard used in CATV system. It can send both analog and digital signals with frequency division multiplexing. Coaxial cable is more expensive than double stranded wire, but its anti-interference performance is better than double stranded wire. Coaxial cable can be selected when more equipment is connected and the communication capacity is quite large.


(COAXIAL CABLE) inside and outside cables made up of mutually insulated COAXIAL conductors: the inner conductor is copper, and the outer conductor is copper pipe or net. The electromagnetic field is enclosed between the inner and outer conductors, so the radiation loss is small and the external interference is small. It is often used to transmit multiplexes and television sets.

The name of coaxial cable is related to its structure. Coaxial cable is also one of the most common transmission media in LAN. It a pair of conductor is intended to convey information in accordance with a layer of the outer conductor of cylinder type set, outside of the conductor (a thin core), isolated from each other with insulating material between two conductors choose the structure of the system, and the outer conductor and the center axis core's center on the same axis, it is called a coaxial cable, coaxial cable is designed in this way, but also to prevent external electromagnetic wave interference signal transmission.

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