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Correct connection of household electric wires
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Water and electricity in the decoration has always been a matter of concern to everyone, such as water pipes, wiring, installation can not directly affect the quality of life of the future home. Next, Hangzhou Hongfeng will introduce the correct connection of home wiring.


Wire connection is a very important skill in decoration and is the most basic knowledge for electricians. However, for those of us who are not familiar with the words of the more professional, today we are going to talk about household electrical wiring method, through the diagram to let you know household electrical wiring method and matters need your attention. This allows you to connect the wires  by yourself if circumstances permit.

Usually we see cable connections like this, where copper wires are interlaced and wound. In this way, the connection of the wire can be guaranteed without any fire, short circuit or bad contact. This is the most basic skill of every electrician and many people who are not electricians know it.

This kind of solution method is rare, its main line cannot cut off. The attachment wire is wound around the main line 6-8 times. Wire appears lighter, short circuit, contact undesirable phenomenon is very serious dealt with. It is very simple, light wires and short circuit because there is no correct wiring head, loose connection head, high voltage currency when they break through electric ions, ions to repel appearance resembling welding electrical sparkle, and temperature rises up, and soon, if you can stick on electricity, was formed through the electrical short circuit.

No matter which connection method is used to connect the wire, it needs a simple treatment of the connected wire, and this simple treatment is often glued on the insulated fireproof tape at the connection position. This is very important. It's mostly insulating but it's also fireproof. So we can get a minimum of electricity safety.

Just we talk about using insulating tape alone is the most common method. Although not very good, but it is very convenient and time-saving. There is another method is to use the sleeve line. The socket wire is a small tool used especially for wire connection. Very safe to use. Generally used to cover the wire are not insulated tape.

The connection of wires must be orderly, and different wires must be marked differently. Easy for maintenance and inspection. High-voltage cable and low-pressure cable are generally required to mark, while the fire cable often USES red wire, the zero line USES blue. As to ground line some USES gray some USES yellow. This facilitates later maintenance.

So much for the wiring diagram. Although you've learned these ways of wiring, it sounds very simple. However, if it is not necessary, it is better to ask a professional electrician if you meet the need of wiring. This is also for the safety of life.

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