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Electrical performance of fiber optic cables
- Jun 13, 2017 -

1.ampacity of cables

When the cross section of the alloy conductor is 1.5 times copper, the alloy conductor and copper conductor have the same electrical performance, and realize the same current carrying capacity, resistance and pressure loss.

The resistivity of aluminum alloy is between aluminum and copper, slightly higher than aluminum, but lower than copper. Under the same flow rate, the weight of aluminum alloy conductor of the same length is only half of that of copper. If the copper conductivity is 100% to calculate the electrical conductivity of the alloy conductor is about 61.2%, the proportion of alloy is 2.7, copper accounted for 8.9, is (8.9/2.7) * (0.612/1) =2, the resistance alloy resistance of 2 unit weight of copper and 1 units of the same quality, therefore, when the sectional area of alloy guide the body is 1.5 times that of copper is the same, the electrical properties, namely the interception, and the same copper resistance, and voltage loss.

Many factors, such as power cable section flow; line characteristics (such as electricity, current type, frequency, load factors); structure (structure, such as wire and cable core wire core number, type, insulation shielding layer and inner and outer layer of material and structure, the total outer diameter); laying conditions (such as air laying, pipe laying, directly buried underground, laying, trench laying in the bottom of the conductive wire core); maximum allowable working temperature and ambient conditions (such as air and soil temperature, soil resistance coefficient, the surrounding heat proximity effect).

2.reduce cable cross section

In the process of aluminum alloy cable production, Germany's most advanced tightening technology enables the filling coefficient of the conductor to reach 93%.  What's more, the aluminum alloy cable is made of silane crosslinked polyethylene which can only exceed the conventional insulation performance by only the thickness of 2/3 of pvc. When the filling coefficient of copper can only reach 80%, common insulation is used in PVC, so Aluminum Alloy cable diameter only in copper based on the increase of less than 11%, can have the same electrical properties of copper. Visible, the use of aluminum alloy cable, do not need to change the original use of copper cable pipeline design. (general designer laying pipe size for copper 150%, considering the capacity problems, laying pipe size increased to 200% copper, so the pipe is not a problem. )

3.reduce cable line loss

Non magnetic material will not produce eddy current, can reduce the loss of the line. Aluminum Alloy with even the shield material is nonmagnetic materials, even in the presence of three-phase unbalanced current does not produce eddy current, can reduce line loss.

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