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Fastest fiber
- Jun 13, 2017 -

In August 3, 2014, researchers at the Technical University of Denmark developed a new fiber optic cable, a single laser transmitter with single fiber cable speeds of up to 43 megabits per second. This is the fastest Internet speed in the world, and downloading 1GB movies takes only 0.2 milliseconds, which is done by blinking.

Previously the fastest single fiber optic cable is 26 Mbit Mbit / sec is the Karlsruhe Institute of technology researchers in 2011 hit. The Technical University of Denmark recorded a series of single fiber cable speed records between 2009 and 2011, including the first break of 1 megabits per second. But then the light is from the Karlsruhe Institute of technology, until now.

Although the Technical University of Denmark uses single ray cables, the fiber contains 7 cores, compared to the regular single core fiber, and the thickness remains the same as for ordinary fibers. The world's fastest commercial single laser transmitter, a single fiber cable network, connects speeds of 100GB per second.

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