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How to identify the cable?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Same specification of a line, because the manufacturer is different, the price can differ 20% ~ 30%. As to quality actor bad, length is standard, consumer is more difficult judgement.

But it is also copper conductor, also have inferior copper conductor, its copper core chooses to regenerate copper, contain a lot of impurities, some inferior copper conductor conduct electricity performance is inferior even to iron wire, cause electric accident extremely easily. In addition, lack of length and the amount of glue in insulator is also an important cause of price difference.

So consumer is not hard see finished product wire sale price is to exist on material qualitative the result of trick.

So how to buy the right product in this situation?

1. Check the "CCC" certification mark

Wire and cable products are national compulsory safety certification products, all production enterprises must obtain the "CCC" certification approved by China electrical products certification commission, and have the "CCC" certification mark on the certificate or products.

Read the inspection report

As a product affecting personal safety and property safety, electric wire and cable have been listed as the key point of government supervision and inspection. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the quality inspection department's inspection report, otherwise, the wire cable product quality quality is lack of basis.

Look at the package

General production products in accordance with the national standards of the formal enterprises, the production of wire and cable very attention to product packaging. When purchasing, pay attention to the delicate packaging, clear printing, model specifications, factory name, site complete.

Look at the outside

The appearance of the product is smooth and round, and the color is even. In order to improve the quality of products and ensure that products meet the requirements of national standards, wire and cable enterprises that meet the requirements of national standards shall strictly check the purchase of raw materials, production equipment and production technology. Therefore, the appearance of the production wire and cable meets the standard requirements, smooth and round, uniform color. The appearance of fake and inferior products is rough and without luster. For rubber - insulated soft cable, the appearance of round, protective sleeve, insulation, conductors close and not easy to peel. And counterfeit false and inferior product appearance is coarse, ellipse degree is big, protective jacket insulation strength is low, with the hand can tear.

Look at the conductor

The conductor has luster, dc resistance, structure and size of the conductor meet the national standards. The electric wire and cable products that meet the requirements of national standards, whether they are aluminum or copper, are relatively bright and free from oil pollution. Therefore, the dc resistance of the conductor is completely in line with the national standards, which has good conductive performance and high safety.

Measure the length of wires and cables

Length is the main intuitive method to distinguish fake and inferior products in line with national standards. When choose and buy, do not covet cheap, choose and buy the actual number of meters less than its nominal number of meters of wires and cables. The length must match the nominal number of meters. The country has a tolerance of plus or minus 0.5 meters per 100 meters.

Purchasing power lines:

1. When choosing wires, carefully check whether they have quality certification and some basic information. For the wire, our country has strict specific requirements, which is also to ensure our legitimate rights and interests consideration. Observe the packaging, pay attention to the manufacturer, time of delivery, specifications and models. If this information is not available, don't buy it.

Watch carefully.

The appearance of the wire should be smooth and the insulation should be unbroken. In addition, the cross-section surface of copper wire should be carefully observed. If the insulation layer has a certain thickness and the thickness is even, it indicates that this wire is of high quality. If the cross-section is bright and gives a feeling of flexibility, the quality of the wire is better. In addition, the diameter of the wire should also meet the product label.

3. Cut a piece of wire and twist it repeatedly on your fingers. If the wire gives us the feeling of flexibility and softness, and the insulation of the wire is not broken and there are no white marks, this indicates that it is a good wire.

Touch the wire with your hand. It feels very smooth without greasy feeling.

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