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Introduction of coaxial cable varieties
- Jun 13, 2017 -


Coaxial cable thinnet is divided into: RG-58 and RG-11 two kinds of thick cable.  And the use of very few semi-rigid coaxial cables and feeders.


Thinnet is 0.26 cm in diameter, the maximum transmission distance of 185 meters, with 50 termination resistors, T connector, BNC card connector and wire connector connected, price and cost are relatively cheap, and do not need to purchase the hub and other equipment, very suitable for the erection of terminal equipment is small Ethernet centralized. The total length of the cable should not exceed 185 meters, otherwise the signal will be seriously attenuated. Cablet impedance is 50 ohms.


The diameter of the thick rope (RG-11) is 1.27 cm, and the maximum transmission distance is 500 meters. Because the diameter of a coarse, so it is less elastic, not suitable for the erection of the narrow indoor environment, and the way of making RG-11 connector is relatively much more complex, and can not be directly connected to the computer, it needs to turn into a AUI connector through an adapter, then to your computer. Due to the strong strength of thick cable, the maximum transmission distance than cablet long, so the main purpose of the thick cable backbone network is to play a role, to connect a number of network formed by cablet. The impedance of the thick cable is 75.

Semi-rigid coaxial cable

This cable is seldom used and is usually used for module connections within the transmitter. Because of the small transmission loss, there are some disadvantages, such as high hardness and difficult bending. In addition, the transmission frequency of such cables is very high, and most of them can reach 30Ghz. Model CXJ--50--3 is typical of this type of cable. As shown below, structural material diameter (mm) 1., inner conductor, silver plated copper wire 0.93, 2. insulator Teflon (PTFE) 3, 3. outer conductor

Seamless annealed copper tube 3.58

Tinned (alloy) seamless copper tube

Silver plated seamless copper tube

The current process in the gradual progress, there are also some bending amplitude of such large wire, but I recommend the flexibility requirements of the place, this kind of wire as far as possible the use of traditional copper tube outer conductor, in order to ensure the stability of.

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