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Low smoke without halogen wire.
- Apr 04, 2018 -

The low smoke halogen free wire is an insulating layer material of the electric wire. In the case of combustion, it does not release the halogenated gas and the smoke concentration is low. Using the non-halogen environmental protection material, the high energy electron element produced by the electron accelerator is used to bombard the insulation layer, and the molecular chain is interrupted to form the crosslinking, which is the irradiated crosslinking process.

Its characteristics: 1. Low smoke: when burning, only the light mist, visible distance 60 meters above.

2. Non-toxic: contains no toxic substances.

3. Flame retardant: the effect of flame retardant is achieved through irradiation crosslinking process.

4. Long life: anti-aging and life can be over 100 years.

5. High temperature resistance: the maximum working temperature can reach 150 degrees.

6. Environmental standards: comply with eu and Japanese environmental standards.

Applicable to the rated voltage of 450/750v and below, where there are no halogen, low smoke, flame retardant requirements and high safety and environmental protection requirements. Such as high-rise building, station, subway, airport, hospital, large library, gymnasium, villa, family residence, hotel, hospital, office building, school, shopping mall, etc.

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