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Major classification of power cables
- Jun 01, 2018 -

1, PVC insulated cable, large size of the conductor of the cable structure in general is given priority to with fan, hot plastic cable rated temperature: 70 ℃ on behalf of the product model: v. v. VLV VY VV22 VLV22 VV23 VV32 VV33 VV42 VV43, etc

2, cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable thermosetting cable rated temperature: 90 ℃ working temperature and short circuit temperature has improved a lot: working temperature rise from 70 to 90 ℃ short circuit working temperature (5 seconds) from 160 to 250 ℃ for low voltage cable, mainly adopts fan conductor, for the high voltage cable conductor to say, using circular conductor: the highest voltage level for 220 kv represent the product model: YJV YJLV YJY YJV22 YJLV22 YJV23 YJV32 YJV33 YJV42 YJV43, etc

3. The natural styrene butadiene rubber insulated cable is used in few occasions. The main model is XLQ XQ XQ21 XQ20 XV XV22

4. The sticky oil-paper insulated cable is less used now and will be eliminated soon

5. Oil-filled cable is still the main type of high-voltage cable, especially ultra-high-voltage cable

6. The single core of the overhead insulated cable is more used, and the 3-4 core twisted composite beam is called the bundle cable. The wire and cable used for electrical equipment have the widest range, the largest variety and the largest production:

A. Main models of insulated wires and soft wires: BV BLV BVV BVV BLVV BVV blv-105 bvr-105 RV RVB vs RVV BX BLX BXR, etc

B. Rubber sleeve: main cable model: light rubber sheath cable YQ YQW medium sized rubber sleeve cable YZ YZW heavy duty rubber sleeve cable YC YCW

C. measuring and signal control wire and cable

For this kind of cable, the main consideration high-temperature properties and shielding properties and can withstand oil, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance main models: KVV KVVP KVVP2 KVV22 KVV32 KVVR KVVRP (if the insulation From PVC to described.properties, become another series) 4 Marine cable for ships and water floating the structure of the electric power, lighting, signal control and correspondence specialized products. The main insulation materials are polyvinyl chloride, natural rubber, ethylene - propylene rubber, silicon rubber, crosslinked polyethylene.

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