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The difference between optical fiber, optical cable, cable and cable
- Jun 13, 2017 -

1. fiber optic cable: fiber optic cable is a new generation of transmission medium, and compared to copper media, optical fiber, whether in security, reliability or network performance has been greatly improved. In addition, the bandwidth of optical fiber transmission is much higher than that of copper cable, and the maximum connection distance is more than two kilometers, which is the inevitable choice for the establishment of large-scale network. Because the fiber optic cable has the advantages of anti electromagnetic interference, good secrecy, fast speed and large transmission capacity, it is also very expensive and is seldom used in domestic occasions. At present, there are two different types of optical fiber, single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber (so-called mode), which means a beam of light entering the fiber at a certain angle. Multimode fiber is generally used in the same office building or in a relatively close distance within the network connection. Single mode optical fiber delivers higher quality data and longer transmission distances and is often used to link office buildings or geographically dispersed networks. If the use of optical fiber and cable network as the transmission medium, but also need to increase the optical transceiver and other equipment, so the cost is larger, with less in common application.

2. twisted pair: twisted pair is a flexible communication cable containing paired insulated copper wires. It is characterized by its cheap price and is widely used, such as our common telephone lines. Depending on the maximum transmission rate, twisted pairs can be divided into 3 classes, 5 classes and over 5 categories.

3. coaxial cable: coaxial cable is a type of transmission medium, many friends are familiar with, which is composed of a layer of insulated wire wrapped around the central copper conductor cable, its greatest feature is the good anti-interference ability, stable data transmission, but the price is cheap, so it was widely used, such as closed-circuit television lines. However, before the coaxial cable is widely used, mainly because the bus structure composed of coaxial cable network cost is low, but the damage of a single cable may lead to paralysis of the entire network, it is difficult to maintain, this is the biggest problem.

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