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There are good ways to maintain fiber optic cables.
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The maintenance of the cable line is to ensure the transmission capacity of the cable line equipment and the production activity is a basic function of the service in the operation of the telecommunication enterprise. In the line maintenance of communication enterprises, there are three basic tasks for the maintenance of optical cables: first, active prevention, rapid detection and repair of obstacles; The second is to maintain and optimize the transmission performance, improve the maintenance of the business support; The third is to improve the efficiency of the quality of line resources.

Similar with the general equipment maintenance, cable fault repair and maintenance activities can be divided into daily repair, repair maintenance and scheduled maintenance, predict maintenance and maintenance and other preventive maintenance in advance. Corresponding to the characteristics of the cable line equipment, the maintenance of the cable line has the following characteristics:

(1) complicated environment. Optical fiber cable line maintenance environment is extremely complex, facing line long, wide distribution area, strong environment openness, complicated operation conditions, and greatly influenced by the external force has become the basic characteristics of optical fiber cable line maintenance.

(2) limitation of maintenance activities. The dispersibility and fixity of the optical cable line equipment leads to the field repair of the line equipment and less to the repair of the returned plant. In the maintenance activities, personnel, equipment and spare parts need to be reasonably distributed and have certain maneuverability, so as to ensure that personnel and equipment arrive at the site in time during the emergency repair.

(3) technology and labor intensive. Optical cable communication system is the result of modern science and technology, condensed on optical cable line equipment and maintenance equipment a large number of advanced technology, the optical fiber cable line maintenance work has a strong professional, need maintenance personnel insight into optical fiber, optical cable, optical components, tools, instruments and so on various knowledge, familiar with testing, analysis, succeeded, construction technology, etc. In addition, due to the optical fiber cable line equipment of large, highly fragmented and difficult to move, a lot of routine maintenance, such as inspections, external force construction management mainly depends on human, so the cable line maintenance has the dual characteristics of technology intensive and labor intensive.

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