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What are the characteristics of flexible fireproof cable?
- Apr 27, 2018 -

1. Excellent fireproof performance, and can withstand water spraying and mechanical impact in combustion.

2. The length of continuous length is either single or multi-core, and the length of cable can meet the requirement of power supply length, and the limit length can reach 2000m.

3. The cross section of the large single core of the cross section can reach 1000mm2 multi-core cable section can reach 240mm2.

4. With flexibility, the cable can be set on the north reaches cable tray, whose bending radius is greater than 20D, and D is the outer diameter of the cable.

5. When burning, it is non-toxic and non-toxic, and the inorganic material is used as the "non-combustion body". It will not produce any harmful gas when burning, and it will not produce secondary pollution, which is called green and green product.

6. The cross section capacity is too large, and the cable not only has a large section flow, but also has a large overload capacity. According to the wiring requirements, the surface temperature of the cable is less than 70? If the wiring is not touchable? Not in contact with combustible building materials? Cable sheath temperature can reach 105 . When overload fire cable allowed working temperature is 250 .

7. Corrosion resistant, organic insulation refractory cables sometimes need to wear plastic pipe or iron pipe, plastic is easy to be aged and brittle, iron pipe is easy to rust;

8, no electromagnetic interference, fireproof cables, signal and control wire and cable. In the same shaft fire cable under the shield of the copper sheath. Not to interference signal control cable transmission of information.

9. Good safety. In addition to normal power supply in flame, starting fire extinguishing equipment and reducing fire loss. It is also very reliable for personal safety, and its copper sheath is a good conductor, which is the best grounding wire, and continuously to cable length, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of grounding protection.

10. Long service life, inorganic insulation material, high temperature resistance, and not easy to age, his life is many times higher than the organic insulated cable. In normal working condition, its life can be equivalent to the building.

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