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What are the differences between the YJV cable and the VV cable?
- Apr 16, 2018 -

YJV cable and VV cable are basically the same in function, but their differences are also obvious. There are two main ones:

1.The name of the product is different, and the meaning is different: YJV cable insulation is made of crosslinked polyethylene, VV cable insulation is PVC.

2. There are also differences between the two lines in production equipment and process manufacturing:

VV is the plastic cable, YJV is crosslinked cable, its insulating layer is better than plastic cable.

YJV only made crosslinking on the insulating material to increase the heat resistance temperature, and VV did not.

YJV cable has a working temperature of 90 degrees, while VV is only 70 degrees, with the same area as the YJV cable.

The highest rated temperature of the VV cable conductor is 70 degrees centigrade, and the maximum temperature (duration less than 5 seconds) is no more than 160 degrees centigrade. YJV cable conductor runs the highest rated temperature of 90 degrees centigrade, and the highest temperature (duration less than 5 seconds) is no more than 250 degrees centigrade.

YJV is better in the long run than VV (long service life, etc.), but more expensive than VV. The maximum height of the short-circuit is: YJV is 250 degrees, VV is 160, 140. YJV use environment is worse than VV in waterproof aspect. If it is buried, VV cable should be selected, and YJV must be used to ensure that the cable has no water immersion, which means that the cable trench (well) is well drained. YJV is used if cable bridge is laid.

From the technical and economic indicators, the three core YJV is higher than the parameters of VV cable. It is recommended to use YJV in civil buildings, and its carrying capacity is larger than VV. It is more important that when electric fire, the insulation material does not contain chlorine, and it does not produce poisonous gas when burning. So VV is less environmentally friendly. In civil, nuclear and other fields, VV has been largely replaced by YJV, but in many industrial enterprises, VV application is still very wide, because its price is cheap. Since YJV cable is better than VV cable in terms of cost performance, YJV cable has the tendency to replace VV cable.


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