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About Closed-circuit Television Equipment
- Aug 08, 2018 -

1. Monitor: the monitor is the terminal display device of the TV monitoring system. The state of the system is ultimately reflected on the monitor screen. The quality of the monitor directly affects the final effect of the whole system.

2. Signal transmission: when the monitoring site is close to the control center, video image is adopted to control the direct transmission of signals. When the distance is far, radiofrequency, microwave or fiber transmission is adopted.

Common equipment: coaxial cable, double stranded cable, optical fiber. The transportable distance increases from near to far.

3. Control center control equipment and monitoring equipment: (1) video signal distribution amplifier; (2) matrix (video signal switcher); (3) terminal controller (operating keyboard); (4) alarm extension printer

(5) character generator and elevator floor overlay display; (6) terminal decoder; (7) terminal controller; (8) multi-screen segmentation device;

(9) video mobile detector; (10) isolating earthing loop transformer; (11) pricing and control cabinet

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