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Cable Safety Knowledge
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Use of flame retardant, fire-resistant wire and cable, we have learned, many fires are caused by improper wire and cable, in principle, better use of flame retardant, fire-resistant type of wire and cable, flame retardant, prevent burning, refers to the left fire in seconds automatically extinguished wire and cable, fire-resistant wire and cable, under the condition of burning the safe operation of electric wire electric cable also can keep certain amount of time. We can see that in the event of a fire, flame retardant wire and fireproof wires have very big effect, can rescue won valuable time gold huanyu electric wire electric cable to remind you, in order to ensure personal and property security, we should choose the flame-retardant and fire-resistant wire and cable. To use the leakage switch, grounding and on into the master switch box, there should be a grounding line and leakage switch, life and production, many electrical appliances for the metal case, if there is leakage after human exposure to easy to get an electric shock, and metal case ground, even if the leakage, the current will be along the ground into the earth, not cause harm to human body, also equipped with the leakage switch, when the body electric shock, leakage switch under normal circumstances can cut off the power supply in 1 seconds, which can ensure the security of the human body, gold huanyu electric wire electric cable to remind you, don't forget to each month according to the test for leakage switch button at a time, To test whether the leakage switch can be cut off normally

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