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Cable Storage
- Jun 11, 2018 -

If the cable is to be stored for a long period of time, is the cable placed on:
1. Under the eaves. The standard LAN cable can be used only if the cable is not directly exposed to sunlight or ultra-high temperature. It is recommended to use pipelines.
2. Outer wall. Avoid direct sunlight on walls and man-made damage.
3. In pipes(plastic or metal). As in pipes, pay attention to the damage of plastic pipes and the heat conduction of metal pipes.
4. Suspended application/overhead cable. Consider the cable droop and pressure. What kind of binding is planned? Whether the cable is directly irradiated by high-temperature(flame retardant) electric cables.
5. It is laid directly in the underground cable ditch. This environment is the smallest control area. The cable groove shall be installed for periodic dry or wet inspection.

6. Underground pipelines. For future upgrades, cable replacement and isolation from surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary piping is a better method. But don't expect the pipe to stay dry forever, which will affect the choice of cable type.

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