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Cable Use
- May 28, 2018 -

Cables are divided into signal cables and power cables, the former for transmitting signals, such as cable and telephone cables, and the latter for transmitting electricity.

Communication cable, including the city for the city or local area communication network telephone cable, telecommunication cable used for long distance communication between the two cities (long distance symmetrical telecommunication cable, coaxial communication cables), cable and all kinds of communication cables.

Power cables: according to the type and structure of insulation can be divided into oil-immersed paper insulated power cables, plastic insulated power cables and rubber insulated power cables.

The main USES of wire and cable are power transmission, electrical communication and winding coil or winding for electrical equipment.

Electrical equipment with wire and cable, according to the products use features can be divided into general wire and cable, electrical equipment and instrumentation wire and cable, vehicles with wire and cable, geological exploration and mining industry with wire and cable, signal control cable, dc high voltage cable.

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