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Check The Quality Of The Aluminum Foil
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Aluminum foil plays an important shielding role in coaxial cable. It plays an important role in preventing the interference of external open circuit signal and the confusion of cable signal. Therefore, the quality of aluminum foil should be checked for new coaxial cable. First, cut open the sheath and observe whether the surface of the braided mesh and aluminum foil is maintained in good gloss; Followed by a cable, tightly around on the small metal shaft, straight to the reverse turn around, repeated several times, then cut open watch cable sheath layer of aluminum foil with and without fracture phenomenon, can also be cutting out a small piece of aluminum foil and repeatedly rub it in your hand and stretch, after repeated rubbing and tensile fracture, is still not certain toughness for qualified products, or for defective goods.

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