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Coaxial Cable Broadband System
- Jun 13, 2017 -

1 double cable system

The twin cable system has two identical cables laid side by side. In order to transmit data, the computer transmits data to the root of the cable by means of cable 1, that is, the top device (head-end), and then the tip transmits the signal down the number of cables through the cable 2. All computers are sent through the cable 1 and received via the cable 2.

2 single cable system

Another option is to distribute different frequencies for both internal and external communications on each cable. The low frequency is used for communication between the computer and the top device, and the signal received by the tip head is moved to the high frequency section and broadcast to the computer. In sub segmented (subsplit) systems, the 5MHz~30MHz band is used for inward communication, and the 40MHz~300MHz frequency band is used for outgoing communications. In the medium division (midsplit) system, the inward frequency band is 5MHz~116MHz, while the outward frequency band is 168MHz~300MHz. This choice is the result of historical reasons.

3) broadband systems are available in many ways. In a computer can be assigned a special permanent channel; another computer can control the channel for the establishment of a temporary channel, and then switch to channel frequency to apply; also can let the computer share one or a group of all channels. Technically, broadband cables are less capable of transmitting digital data than baseband (i.e., single channel) cables, but it has the advantage of being widely installed.

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