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Coaxial Cable Connector
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Coaxial cable is composed of a hollow outer cylindrical conductor and an inner conductor located on the central axis. The inner conductor and the cylindrical conductor are separated from the outside by an insulating material. According to the different transmission band, coaxial cable can be divided into base band coaxial cable and broadband coaxial cable. Depending on the diameter, coaxial cable can be divided into thick cable and thin cable.

In recent years, the development of thin cable fast, so computer LAN generally if no special requirements are used thin cable networking. Thin cabling is generally used for connection of general net. Connect the BNC interface network card with the t-type BNC connector, and the terminal resistor shall be installed on both ends. Each segment of the thin cable network has a maximum length of 185 meters, and each segment has a maximum of 30 users. If you want to expand the network scope, you need to use repeater. If you use 4 Repeaters to connect 5 network segments, the maximum distance of the network can reach 925 meters.

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