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Coaxial Cable Thinnet Coarse / Mixed Structure
- Jun 13, 2017 -

1. hardware configuration

In the establishment of a coarse / fine mixed cable Ethernet, in addition to the use of hardware and thickwire Ethernet and Ethernet address the same, must also provide a connection between the hardware and the thick cable thinnet.  Connection hardware includes:

N- series socket to BNC socket connector.

N- series plug to BNC socket connector.

2. technical parameters

Maximum trunk length: greater than 185 meters, less than 500 meters.

Maximum network trunk cable length: greater than 925 meters, less than 2500 meters.

In order to reduce the cost of the system, to ensure a mixed dry line can reach the maximum length of the case, should be used as much as possible cablet. The maximum length of t= can be calculated and can be used in a hybrid trunk section using the formulas below the thinnet (500 - L) / 3.28, where L is to construct the stem segment length, t can be used for maximum length cablet. For example, if we want to construct a 400 metre stem line, can use the maximum length for cablet: (500 - 400) / 3.28 = 30 (m).

3. features

Reasonable cost.

The network anti-interference ability is strong.

Complex system.

Network maintenance and extension is difficult.

The breakpoint of cable system is increased, and the reliability of the network is affected.

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