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Copper Clad Aluminum Cable Selection (use) Precautions
- Jul 02, 2018 -

When purchasing this product, it is important to fully understand the load flow and related data of the cable cross section squared. The data corresponding to the square of the original copper cable cannot be completely followed, so as to avoid overload and burn out. It is important to understand the power and rated current of the load before use.

Choose in cable, for the use of international advanced concept, sheath, polyethylene sheath material is recommended for the all of its excellent electrical and physical properties indexes than PVC (except for flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen, etc).

Above 70 m ㎡ of multi-core cable, recommend using single core cable, in order to improve the carrying capacity of the cable, reduce the cable when the power frequency ac resistance.

When choosing this cable, it is recommended to choose the conductor section square of one step larger than copper cable.

Copper clad aluminum conductor cable nominal section refer to the original square copper cable cross section of the square, the selection of copper terminals are consistent with the original copper cable selection with terminal method, because of the copper clad aluminum conductor is relatively soft, the proposal is chosen press terminals form.

Terminal structure dimensions

Copper terminal must be used in connection. Aluminum terminal of aluminum and copper transition terminal should not be used. Twisted joint looped to the load equipment installed, try not to use sharp tool, prevent damage on the surface of the copper conductor layer, twisted joint looped installation time for no more than three times repeatedly, in order to avoid a conductor monofilament appear rupture phenomenon.

Copper terminals and conductor, the pressure to the standard practice is to use tin welding (tin), ensure the conductor closely, firm contact with the terminals, using the hermetic terminals, terminal end will use soldering to seal welding.

When used in the middle connection of the conductor, the copper joint pipe must be used, and the two ends of the compression joint shall be sealed and welded with solder (tin pouring).

Packing, transportation and storage

The packaging of finished cables shall comply with the relevant provisions of JB/ t8137-1999 wire and cable delivery panel.

It is strictly prohibited to cause mechanical damage when the cable tray collide with each other during transportation.

When the cable is stored, attention should be paid to the reliable seal of the end head, and it is not allowed to be laid flat when the cable tray is transported and stored.

Prevent moisture and moisture from entering the cable.

Prevent high temperature and sun exposure.

A product certificate shall be attached to each coil or plate of cable.

Each coil or coil of cables shall be neatly wound and properly packed.

Ordering instructions

The cable type, rated voltage, specification, flame retardant level and other requirements should be noted when ordering.

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