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Domestic Industry Of Optical Fiber Cables
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Since the middle of 1970s, the research of fiber optic cable in China started almost with foreign countries, and developed the first quartz optical fiber in early 1977. Driven by the demand for large-scale communications construction in China, China's fiber optic cable industry has developed rapidly. It has formed an industrial chain from fiber preform to fiber optic cable products. The production and technical strength of China's optical fiber and cable enterprises are also growing rapidly, and the product development capability and technological innovation capability are further improved. China has become the world's second largest fiber optic cable country, and all aspects have reached the world advanced level.

In 2007 1-11 month, China optical fiber and cable manufacturing industry realized total industrial output value of 29 billion 771 million 661 thousand yuan, growth of 33.22% over the previous year; to achieve a total product sales revenue 28 billion 422 million 739 thousand yuan, growth of 38.13% over the previous year; the cumulative total profit of 1 billion 785 million 178 thousand yuan, an increase of 63.34% compared to the same period last year.

With the further development of China village project, light of copper (copper cable replaced) pulling effect trend irreversible and World Expo of information economy, optical fiber and cable industry China will maintain steady growth. More noteworthy is that gradually start the large-scale construction and FTTH 3G, will become a long-term development of the driving factors of Chinese optical fiber and cable industry, will promote the China optical fiber and cable industry entered a new round of growth cycle.


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