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External Conductors Have Three Structures
- Sep 27, 2018 -

(1) tubular. This structure is made of copper or aluminum with longitudinal welding or seamless copper tube extrusion drawing. This structure has the best shielding performance but poor softness, and is often used in main line cables.

(2) aluminum plastic composite belt lap joints. This structure has a good shielding effect and low manufacturing cost, but because the outer conductor is a circular tube with longitudinal slit, electromagnetic waves will penetrate from the gap and leak, should be used carefully.

(3) combination of woven net and aluminum-plastic composite belt longitudinal package. This is developed from the single braided network structure, which has the characteristics of good softness, light weight and reliable joint. Experiments have proved that the adoption of reasonable composite structure can greatly improve the shielding performance. At present, this structure form is widely used.

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