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How Do You Install Monitoring Yourself
Aug 10, 2018

After the completion of equipment purchase, the installation position of the camera and the installation position of the monitoring host should be wired according to the previous designed installation position of the camera and the installation position of the monitoring host. Where there is a ceiling, the upper part of the ceiling should be wired as far as possible without any open line. The place that does not have ceiling can use line conduit or line groove, beautiful and generous.

After the completion of the line laying, the monitoring camera and 12V power supply will be installed according to the previously designed point position. The monitoring camera requires the camera stand and the self-tapping wire to be fixed. At this point, a percussion drill should be used to punch holes in the wall first, plug the swelling plug and fix the camera stand with the self-tapping wire. The camera is then mounted to the bracket universal joint

After the front-end monitoring equipment is installed, the back-end equipment is installed. In the first scheme, video acquisition card is adopted to install video acquisition card into the PCI slot of the supermarket computer, and video is stored on the hard disk of the computer host.

The second option is to use a DVR so that you don't have to use your computer, but you need to buy a separate hard drive for video video storage. Purchase the display for image display.

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