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Industrial Interactive Wire And Cable Industry New Weather
- Jan 06, 2018 -

With the rapid development of economy in our country, wire and cable manufacturing industry as an important part of industry chain of the electric power industry has been booming, especially in the development of economy in recent years, our country is faced with the bottleneck of strain energy, electricity, sexual problems, countries continue to increase investment in the wire and cable industry, making the industry entered a leap development.


In the future period, the development of related industries will be driven by relevant policies in China, and the demand of cable and cable industry will keep growing. Along with our country traditional cable market competition heats up, Marine cable, security fire cable, rolling stock cable and nuclear power station with cable and other special application of special cable for a long time in the traditional cable scuffles domestic cable enterprise provides a development.


One, "One Belt And One Road" new opportunities


China has gained a lot of fruit on One Belt And One Road, with more than $1 trillion in infrastructure construction and infrastructure under construction, and about $52.4 billion in cross-border investment. In 2015, the investment amount of "One Belt And One Road" in China was $300 billion - $400 billion. In the overseas project infrastructure investment, if one-third of the projects are in domestic preparation, the investment volume of One Belt And One Road will be more than usd 400 billion in 2016.


"Area" is put forward, there is no doubt that the pull of the entire infrastructure, connectivity and infrastructure is the strategy of the construction of the priority areas, one of the biggest benefit is the cable industry. Whether all the way "area" vision and action file for cable companies directly benefit cross-border fiber optics communication network construction, or cross-border power and transmission channel construction, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and solar energy indirectly stimulate cable demand, this will be a cable enterprise great historic opportunity."


Second, the industry drives the profit


Expects China's electric power industry (especially the new energy industry), the data communication industry and urban rail transit industry will become the demand growth of wire and cable industry, drive the industry scale, China's wire and cable industry total output will reach 44.88 billion meters, up 7% from 2013, but growth is still lower than the average of three years preceding the (10.4%). The production of new capacity projects for new energy, such as new energy, will drive the industry to expand.


As countries around the world to develop the orbit transportation construction, wire and cable enterprises in China will have unlimited business opportunities, the rapid development of high-speed rail, railway locomotive cables used in high-speed rail projects demand is also growing, the domestic cable enterprise related technology is increasingly perfect, already have the ability to compete with foreign competition, the main impetus for high-speed trains on electric power, wire and cable into orbit traffic arteries and lifeline, along with the high-speed rail go abroad, high-speed cable quality must be guaranteed.

New opportunities for metal materials


Wire cable development driving metal materials market, wire and cable industry, the rapid development of led cable equipment market, at the same time also led to steel and metal materials market, forming a "chain". In addition to copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal materials, there are many products made of steel and alloy materials. Such as, steel reinforced aluminum conductor with zn - 5% - rare earth alloy coating steel wire, aluminum zinc - 5% - rare earth alloy coating steel strand, are in high quality wire rod as raw material, widely used in the transmission lines, electrification railway and other key projects.


We have learned, at present our country steel and metal materials that are consumed in the cable industry quantity is large, the cost of raw materials about 80% of the total cost of the cable, it does for metallurgical enterprises is a huge market. It is well known that wire and cable equipment is also made of steel and metal materials.


Domestic steel and further improve the quality of metal materials, to replace imports, to change our country's at present only 30% cable varieties can accept to the international market and can participate in the competition level, 70% of the varieties of cable need to improve the level of production and the status of the class. Over the past decade or so, the cable industry has spent nearly 20 billion yuan on dedicated equipment for electrical wiring, with an average investment of about 1.5 billion yuan per year. Steel and metal materials account for a large proportion, mainly for excellent steel, special steel and alloy materials.


Iv. "Internet +" deeply integrated


"Internet plus" is like a powerful hurricane that has almost swept all walks of life overnight. The developed countries and developing countries are committed to speed up the "industrialization" and the process of industrialization, our country economy to resist downward pressure, through the old and the new industry and the development of kinetic energy conversion period, must insist on the road of new industrialization and information fusion, adapt to the Internet and other new technology and new industry change trend, create new advantages of made in China and to maintain rapid growth in the economy in our country, provide strong support towards the high-end level. As a result, the industry needs to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry and speed up the transition to the "Internet plus" mode.


The violence that is in the "Internet + cable" shows that, by broadening online sales channels and online product distribution, to speed up the pace of Internet + the fusion of the cable, the consumers can through Tmall, jingdong mall, century cable, and other electric business channels to choose and buy the cable products, convenient for the user's consumption experience."


Drive about "Internet +" policy, in all sectors is fire, if the "Internet +" on the us wire and cable industry, "Internet + cable" for wire and cable industry suppliers and purchasers are the beneficiaries of the enterprise. "Internet +" makes information more negotiable and resources more fully utilized. "Internet +" effectively unites engineering projects, cable suppliers and cable purchasers, and broadens the sales channels to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


Wire and cable as the main supporting industry of national economy of our country, one of the following country industrialization level of progress, root establish perfect, the degree of urbanization progress, cable industry is bound to mature, "transformed" cable industry, must be greeted with more calm posture power intelligent era. With the extensive use and continuous improvement of this skill, the capital of the system will also fall sharply, which will definitely become an important global industry in the 21st century and contribute greatly to national economic growth.

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