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Interference Capability Of Coaxial Communication Cable
- Dec 19, 2018 -

The coaxial communication cable has good anti-interference performance at high frequency, transmission frequency bandwidth, small attenuation, large capacity, and is widely used in various countries. According to the structural size of the coaxial pair, it can be divided into four types of coaxial communication cables: large, medium, small, and micro. Among them, there are not many large coaxial communication cables. The coaxial pair size of the medium coaxial communication cable is 2.6/9.4 mm, the small coaxial is 1.2/4.4 mm, and the micro coaxial is 0.7/2.9 mm. The highest multiplexing frequency of the medium-coaxial communication cable is four, 12, 18, and 60 MHz, and the 1800, 2700, 3600, and 10800 telephones are respectively opened, which is generally used as a large-capacity long-distance communication trunk. The minimum multiplexed frequencies of the small coaxial communication cables are 1.3, 4, 12, and 18 MHz, and 360, 960, 2700, and 3600 telephones are respectively opened for trunk and long-distance communication trunks. Micro-coaxial cables are used in digital communication systems.

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