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Introduction Of Coaxial Cable Network
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Coaxial cable networks can generally be divided into three categories:

Backbone network

The main line is different in diameter and attenuation from other lines. The former is usually made of protective cables.

Secondary backbone network

The diameter of secondary trunk cable is smaller than that of main cable. When secondary backbone cables are used at different levels of the building, a high gain distributed amplifier is used, and the interface between the cable and the user's exit is considered.


The coaxial cable must not be twisted, and each part is connected by a low loss connector. The connector matches the cable in physical performance. The intermediate connections and couplers are wrapped with wire tubes to prevent inadvertent grounding. If you want the cable to be buried where the light does not shine, then it is better to bury the cable below the freezing point. If the cable does not want to be buried in the ground, it is better to use pole to erect it. The coaxial cable is marked every 100 meters for easy maintenance. Cable should be supported every 20 meters when necessary. When building the building, it is necessary to consider the convenience of maintenance and expansion, and to provide pipelines and protective cables where necessary.

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