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ISC WEST--- American West International Security Conference Exhibition
- Mar 06, 2018 -

American west security exhibition(ISC)

The exhibition profile
The American west international security products exposition is the preferred launch platform for new products, solutions and technologies in the United States. The American west international security products fair attracts more than 1,000 international and American security manufacturers and more than 30,259 security companies in Las Vegas each year. The United States has become the largest exhibition area in the United States.
The U.S. security products market.

There are three main clients:
First, government procurement, after the establishment of the homeland security department in the United States, large-scale supplementary budget, improve the security system infrastructure construction;

The second is business users, and the demand for security products of large companies, office buildings, hotels and shops is also increasing.

Third, home users, the market needs a lot of low-cost, easy-to-operate security products.

Most of the clients are professionals, and more than 60% of them are the employer, senior manager or general manager, all of whom are the decision makers of the company. There is a growing demand for security products in the United States.


1. Anti-theft electronic products: closed-circuit television, monitor, door control, home insurance equipment, camera equipment, alarm device and system, electronic anti-theft device, door control device;

2. Security hardware: security hardware, various lock products, safes, toolkits, door hardware, electronic locks, installation tools, doorbells;

3. Information network security: communication control, computer security management, IT protection and other products;

4, wireless, communication products, security products battery and power equipment, wireless alarm equipment, detectors, sensors, ultrasonic apparatus, wireless communication device, telephone systems, radio, voice control device;

5, protection products: temperature alarm device, car safety inspection outdoor garden hulan, ladders, instrument and measuring equipment, wire and cable, etc. All related to the life safety, security, insurance and related products, labor insurance supplies, traffic warning and reflective protection articles;

6. Home automation products: all kinds of building automation devices and safety facilities products;

7. Fire products: fire extinguishers, fire alarm, fire control and other products.


Hangzhou Hongfeng Cable Company will attend ISC 2018. Hope to meet new and old friends there.

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