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Qifan 9 Is Also Equipped With A Range Of Advanced Equipment
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Qifan 9 is also equipped with a range of advanced equipment. Among them, four 1,800kw suspended total cycloidal propeller thrusters installed at four corners of the bow tail can provide power for ships during the construction of Marine cable laying, and improve the flexibility of ships and the efficiency of Marine cable laying operations. The DP power system increases the vessel's anti-flow level from the original 3 throttles to 4 throttles, which can realize the precision berthing of the vessel in the harsh and complex environment. The equipment of the first shipborne purification room in China can meet the technical and environmental requirements of the on-site production of 220kv and above voltage class of submarine cable joints. The single point traction operation equipment system can make the ship's traction break through 50 tons, realize the steel wire rope collection and storage automation, and greatly improve the working efficiency.

Qifan 9 has both construction operation system and maintenance operation system with high degree of automation, and reserved space for the installation of underwater robots, helicopter platform, advanced trenching machine and other equipment to expand its powerful function and create conditions for future ship upgrading and reconstruction.

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