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Telecommunication Cable Types
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Generally, it can be classified according to structural characteristics, frequency of use, insulation form, laying method and protective layer form. From the structural point of view, there are two major categories of symmetric cable and coaxial cable. In the former, the two core wires constituting the electric circuit are symmetrical to the ground; the latter is composed of two metal conductors concentrically arranged to form an electric circuit. According to the frequency of use, it can be divided into three kinds of cables: low frequency, high frequency and radio frequency. The low frequency cable is used to transmit low frequency or audio signals, the signal frequency is below 3 kHz; the high frequency cable (also known as carrier cable) is used to transmit carrier signals, the frequency of use has reached 60 MHz; the RF cable is mainly used for transmission frequency of 0.5. Signals above megahertz, up to 20 GHz. It can be divided into solid core insulation, hollow insulation and semi-air insulated cable from the insulation form; it can be divided into overhead, buried, pipeline and submarine cable from the laying method; it can be divided into lead package, aluminum sleeve and plastic sheath from the form of sheath. And integrated sheath cables.


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