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The Country's First Submarine Pipeline Inspection Ship Will Inspect Sea Pipe Cables
- Aug 13, 2018 -

On August 10, we learned that the "haiyang petroleum 791", China's first submarine pipeline inspection vessel independently developed, designed and built in China, arrived at the bohai wharf from guangzhou, marking that the vessel will officially play the role of "senior doctor" to provide high-quality inspection services for submarine oil and gas pipelines and submarine cables.

The submarine oil and gas pipeline is the lifeline of offshore oil and gas fields. In the past, the small non-professional vessel carrying detection equipment was adopted by cnooc for health "physical examination", which is not only time-consuming but also involves certain safety risks. Just put into use "offshore oil 791" checking ship set of international advanced level of performance at a suit, in the speed, mobility, seakeeping, measurement precision is better than traditional survey ship, not only have made a great breakthrough in checking quality effect, can also participate in offshore resources - environment - ecological comprehensive scientific survey, Marine disaster emergency investigation and evaluation work, to ensure the offshore oil and gas safety and protect the Marine environment is of great significance.

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