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The Difference Between The Audio Cable And Coaxial Cable
- Feb 09, 2018 -

The difference between the audio cable and coaxial cable, Can I use the coaxial cable as an audio cable?

Coaxial cable of course can do as audio cable, anti-interference, the effect is better.

Coaxial cable is a connector with external independent shielding, strong anti-interference ability. High-end audio devices, or long-distance links, use coaxial audio.

Ordinary audio cable also has shielding, but the external shielding cable to connect the cathode, but also when the signal cable, anti-jamming is poor.

Whether the ordinary audio cable or coaxial audio cable, are required to be multiple strands, low resistance, large line diameter. High-end fever-grade audio cable will use sterling silver, or silver, gold-plated materials, the purpose is to reduce the resistance. Therefore is called the Fever cable or the nerve cable.

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