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The Important Transmission Characteristic Of Satellite Coaxial Cable
- Oct 22, 2018 -

The important transmission characteristic of satellite coaxial cable is that the higher the frequency, the greater the attenuation. If the cable conductor line is too thin and the shield network is too thin, the signal leakage and attenuation will increase, thus causing the signal quality decline. When choosing coaxial cable, attention should be paid: under the same condition, the thick cable is better than the thin cable; Physical foam cable is better than solid cable. High braided cable is better than low braided cable. Copper cable is better than copper clad steel cable. Copper cable is superior to aluminum and magnesium alloy cable.

Currently, the common coaxial cable of satellite is 75-5. Longer the receiving system for transmission lines should use anti-interference coaxial cable, it is a "double insulated double shield coaxial cable, the conductor, insulation, shielding layer is still the standard 75 ohm cable, but the difference is in the original shield, added the second insulating layer and the second layer shielding layer, outside and sheath, so the anti-interference performance.

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