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The Monitoring System Is Often Used For Cable Selection
- Dec 18, 2017 -

Monitor system wire selection

1.Video line


       Camera to monitor host distance is less than 200 meters, with RG59 (128) video line.

The camera is to monitor the host distance from > 200 meters, using the syv75-5 video line.

2. Cloud control line

      The cloud platform is less than 100 meters away from the controller, and the RVV6 x 0.5 sheath line is used.

      The cloud platform and the controller range from > 100 meters, with RVV6 x 0.75 sheath line.

3. Camera control line

       Use RVV4 x 0.5 sheath line.

4. Decoder communication line

       RVV2 * 1 should be used to block double stranded wires

5. Camera power line

       If the system has 20 ordinary camera, camera to monitor the host the average distance of 50 meters, should use BVV6m2 copper double wire for the power line, power cord used by different distance to see the following table:

The average distance of the camera to the monitoring host is 34-50m, 23-33m

Power line specification (2 lines) 6m2 4 m2 2.5m2 monitoring system line laying

CCTV Camera Cable RG59+2C.jpg

1. The video lines are laid out for attention

1.1, if the camera to monitor the host (host image processor, matrix control or digital video recorder) at a distance of less than 200 meters, the usable RG59 video line, if more than 200 meters, should the SWY - 75-5 video line, to ensure that monitoring the quality of the image.

1.2. For the camera installed in the elevator, the wiring of the inside of the elevator shaft should be made of galvanized iron groove and grounded to reduce the interference caused by the video signal when the elevator motor starts up.

1.3, if the camera installed in the outdoor, such as compound outside or parking lot, etc.), lines need to go outdoors line or through overhead cable line, conditions allow to install video arrester (because equipped with lightning protection equipment will cause the increase of the total project cost), namely, respectively, on the camera and monitor host to install a video lightning arrester, each and every video lightning arrester shall be grounded (outdoor cameras are separate play ground, the video monitoring room lightning arrester Can be unified grounding), in order to prevent lightning damage to equipment.

Customized Coaxial Cable Of RG59 .jpg

2. Installation of control line

2.1, in a simulated monitoring system, if installed with yuntai zoom lens of the camera, and USES the yuntai camera controller to control, the control line should be selected according to the camera with the cloud controller to determine the distance. When the distance is less than 100 meters, the cloud control line can adopt RVV6 x 0.5 sheath line. When the distance is greater than 100 meters, the cloud control line shall adopt the RVV6 x 0.75 sheath line, and the camera control line shall be the RVV4 x 0.5 sheath line.

If the analog monitoring system is to control yuntai and lens by matrix control host, generally need to use decoder, control circuit laying the technical requirements of control host matrix used for reference.

2.2. In the digital monitoring system, if the camera with the zoom lens is installed, it needs to control the cloud platform and the lens through the decoder. The decoder is generally installed next to the camera, and the decoder and the digital video recorder use the RS485 bus to communicate. The wiring should be used RVVP2 * 1 to screen the double stranded cable from the digital video recorder to the nearest decoder 1, and then decoder 1 to decoder 2... The current 16-channel digital video recorder can receive up to 16 decoders, while the total length of the RS485 communications line can reach up to 1,200 meters. The wiring diagram is as follows: see the relevant posts in the basic knowledge.

The decoder has AC 220V and AC 24V two types of power supply. If AC 24V decoder is selected, it is generally supplied by AC 24V transformer. Need special attention is that, because some of the decoder output DC 12 v power supply interference, used for the camera power supply will cause certain influence to the image, so you need to unify the camera power supply (12 v).

3. Installation of camera power cable

The normal camera working with DC 12V is about 200~300mA and the integrated camera is 350~ 400mA.

If the small number of the camera (5) at close range and the camera and monitor host (less than 50 meters), each camera can separate cloth RVV2 x 0. 5 the power cord to the control room and small transformer power supply. If the number of cameras is large, the power supply of 12V dc stabilized power supply should be used.

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