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The Network Cable Is Not Plugged In Properly
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Network cable did not plug the reason and solution - crystal head problem

If there is a problem with the crystal head, it may lead to poor contact and loosening of the crystal head connected to the main board.

You can pull the crystal head down first, and then you can put it up again. If it's stable and the problem remains, it's probably the thread in the crystal head that's in trouble, and then you'll have to make a new crystal head.

Of course, the problem may not be entirely in the area of the crystal header motherboard, it may be in the area of the access switch or router, and you'll have to do the same thing.

Network cable did not plug the reason and solution - network card drive

Don't assume that only hardware has a problem, but so does software drivers.

You can troubleshoot the driver problem in the following way.

Right - click on my computer, find management, and pop up the dialog box.

In the dialog box, find the device manager and look at the list on the right to see if the icon is a yellow question mark.

If so, it means that the driver has not been properly installed. At this time, you will have to reinstall the nic driver to solve the problem.

The network cable did not plug the reason and solution - router problem

There is something wrong with the router. If it is a soft setting, please check whether the use of a certain IP has been set in the router. After reset, restart the router.

Also, there is a small hole in the router where you can use wire or fine matter, insert it and rub it in, and the route will reset and start up, or you can solve the problem.

Routing itself, of course, if it is a hardware problem, you have to change the routing, because, according to some netizens reflect router after being struck by lightning, local connection there is network cable without a good tip.

Network cable did not plug the reason and solution - wireless network problem

If your network USES a wireless network, the problem may be the router.

The reason may be whether the routing itself is malfunctioning and whether there is signal interference nearby.

Network cables are not plugged in for reasons and solutions - don't forget ARP virus

If you come across an ARP virus in your computer, that's what happens.

You can use anti-virus software to try to kill the local virus to see if you can eliminate the problem.

Or, turn on the 360ARP firewall and let it provide firewall functionality for your network to protect your network.

Network cables are not plugged properly for reasons and solutions - IP Settings or access

The IP is originally set on the local machine, but the IP cannot be used by the local connection. It will be in the state of acquiring the network address for a long time, which may lead to the prompt of this article.

In this regard, you need to make sure that the IP Settings are correct, and you can disable the local connection first and then enable it, potentially solving this problem.

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