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Use Of Security Alarm Cable
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Use of security alarm cable

alarm cable shield 3d.jpg

To be honest, the security technology is extensive and extensive, and the technical things are put together by the technical probability of many industries.

It's all PVC insulated sheaths.

The wire material that defend USES is general actually kind not much

Is Internet cable

Six core

The power cord

As for the P of Rvv and RVVP, that means shield. Wire is only as long as the Internet more check, the reality more to see it is easy to learn

At that time some of their own security systems to learn more such as surveillance, security, access control.

AVVR/RVV is the same type of wire, the model under 0.3 square (including 0.3) is classified as AVVR, and the model over 0.5 square (including 0.5) is classified as RVV. The color can be black and white, and it is best to have the squeeze type, fill type, and the air tube type and the squeeze type. However, in some application environments, the air tube type may be more suitable than the squeeze type.

The difference between RVV and RVVP, P represents shielding, so RVVP than RVV more than a layer of shielding, the main role is shielding anti-interference, for example, can also be as audio line or microphone line, RVVP more this layer of shielding can be external interference to the minimum, so, that is not so much noise.

The distinction of RVV and RVVB, the specification that RVVB has 2 core only, the specification component number of RVV is more, additional, RVVB is flat, RVV is round.

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