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What Are The Definition Of Communication Cable And Communication Cable?
- May 17, 2018 -

The communication cable (English name: communication cable) refers to a cable used for near-distance audio communication and long-distance high-frequency carrier and digital communication and signal transmission, and is one of China's five major cable products.

Communication Optical Fiber Cable. The communication cable is composed of cores and outer sheaths composed of several (core) optical fibers (generally from several cores to several thousand cores). Compared with traditional symmetrical copper circuits and coaxial copper circuits, optical fibers have much larger transmission capacity, less attenuation, long transmission distance, small size, light weight, no electromagnetic interference, and low cost, and are currently the most promising communications. Transmission media. It is widely used in signal transmission of various departments such as telecommunications, electric power, broadcasting, etc. It will gradually become the main body of the future communications network. The main difference between the optical cable and the cable in the structure is that the optical cable must have reinforcing members to withstand the external mechanical load to protect the optical fiber from various external mechanical forces.

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