What Is A Cable?
May 21, 2018

Definition 1: conductors made of one or more insulated conductors, insulated from outer insulation and protective layer, to transmit electricity or information from one place to another.

Definition 2: a cable that is usually twisted together by several or several groups of wires [at least two groups of each group). Each group of wires is insulated with each other and is often twisted around a center. The whole outer bread has a highly insulated cover layer.

Wire and cable: materials used for power, communications and related transmission purposes. There is no strict line between "wire" and "cable". Usually, the product whose core number is small, the diameter of the product is small and the structure is simple is called the wire. No insulation is called bare wire, the other is called cable.

Main application

The electric wire and cable products used in the power system are mainly overhead bare wire, confluence line (bus), electric power cable (plastic cable, oil paper force cable (basically replaced by plastic power cable), rubber cable cable, overhead insulated cable), branch cable (replacing part of busbar), electric magnetic wire and electrical equipment electrical equipment. Wire cable and so on.

The wire and cable used in the information transmission system are mainly city telephone cable, TV cable, electronic cable, radio frequency cable, fiber cable, data cable, electromagnetic wire, electric power communication, or other composite cables.

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