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What Is The Difference Between Copper Clad Aluminium Wire And Silved Plated Copper Wire?
- Dec 27, 2017 -

     The copper clad aluminum wire and the copper wire mesh are all aluminum wires in the material.

      But the copper clad aluminium wire is inferior to the quality of the copper wire.


     The aluminum of copper clad aluminum wire is actually normal aluminum, coated with a thin layer of anaerobic copper.

      The copper wire is imported aluminum, and the outer layer is full of a layer of non-oxygen copper.



        Although the aluminum cable is easy to oxidize, the service life is not long, but due to its strong conductivity, the transmission distance is longer.

       The copper clad aluminum wire can transmit at a distance of 120 to 130 meters.

       The copper and silver wire can transmit the distance between 150 and 160 meters

Usually, the inner and outer lining of the copper clad aluminum wire line is the second material, while the inside and outside of the copper wire is the new material.


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