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What's The Difference Between Audio Fiber And Coaxial
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Transmission difference: coaxial direct transmission of electrical signals, optical fiber through the photoelectric conversion device to convert electrical signals into optical signals, in the optical fiber to the destination before converted into electrical signals. So the optical fiber theoretically has more photoelectric conversion process than coaxial fiber.

The difference of transmission distance: the grade of coaxial line is mainly determined by the head, wire, structure and technology; Fiber optic cable is mainly determined by photoelectric conversion devices. Optical fiber USES light to signal ground transmission, can transmit farther, but must pass through two photoelectric conversion. Coaxial direct transmission signal, distance will have an impact, generally short distance with coaxial, long distance with fiber.

Before the advent of HDMI, enthusiasts were divided into two groups. Some people loved fiber. Others prefer coaxial (more people prefer coaxial), coaxial sounds are more elastic, there is no loss of photoelectric conversion of optical fiber, and more stable.

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