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Wire And Cable Selection Points
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Wire and cable as the main carrier of power transmission, which are widely used in electrical equipment, lighting, home appliances, etc., its quality directly affects the engineering quality and the life and property safety of consumers. There are many kinds of electric wires on the market. They should be used according to their load.

Wire on the market sell some cheap some more expensive, some people tend to be cheaper, but cheap wire, often have a lot of short he shows that the performance, may bring us a lot of potential safety hazard. The production technology of electric wires is not too high, and the raw materials are not too different. So how do you identify it? Let me give you a couple of easy ways to identify:

1. Look at the packaging. The national standard wire is usually well made and tidy.

2, to open the packaging to look at the inside of the wire, 1.5 -- 6 square gb wires are the requirements for leather (insulation thickness) is 0.7 mm thick, too thick is mark, the corresponding his inner core is sure enough, line skin you can push pull, not easy to tear is generally is national standard

3. Use a fire and extinguish it within 5s after leaving. Those with certain flame retardant function are national standard lines.

4. Look at the inner core. The higher the brightness of the inner core material (copper), the better the copper quality is. The national standard requires that the core must be made of anoxic copper. Non-standard such as black rod copper, there may be accident hidden danger.

5. The thickness of the core has certain requirements, but not very strict. But will not be wrong a lot, just a little bit, generally with the eye out of the error.

6, length, the country did not force must hit rice, but there are many manufacturers also hit rice, hit rice is not necessarily the national standard, but the general national standard did not hit rice. It is only a means to beat rice without a mark.

7, the provisions of the state power lines must have certain identity, there will be no more than 500 mm biggest type under the same identity, above the average product of trademark, name of manufacturer, standards, etc

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