IBS DAS System RF Din-Male To Din-Male 1/2 Jumper Cable

DC-3GHz RF Din Male 1/2 jumper Superflexible Cable

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RF 1/2' Super-Flex Jumper Cable


Coaxial cable assembly is a device which connected by coaxial connector and coaxial cable, mainly used for equipment and equipment, equipment and components, parts and components, antenna and cable systems, to achieve and signal transmission, precise measurements, and so on.

Our cable assembly has the following features: wide frequency band, good shielding performance, low VSWR, low attenuation values, and can meet the intermodulation requirements.


Environmental Conditions

    1Temperature   Range   


    2Frequency RangeDC ~7.5GHz 
    3Impedance50 Ω
    4Working Voltage2700 V  r.m.s , at sea level
    5Vibration100 m/S2 (10-~500Hz),  10g
    6Salt spray teste5% NaCl solution; test time≥48h
    7Waterproof SealingIP67


Technical  Characteristics

    1 Withstanding Voltage4000 V r.m.s,at level sea 
    2 Contact Resistance 
    3 Center contact ≤0.4 MΩ
    4 Outer contact ≤1.5MΩ
    5 Insulation Resistance ≥10000 MΩ
    6 Center Conductor Retention Force ≥6 N
     7 Engagement forcey ≤45N
    8Insertion Loss 0.12dB/3GHz
    9 V.S.W.R 
   10 Straight


   11 Right angle


   12 Shielding power≥125dB/3GHz
   13 Average power1.8KW/1GHz
   14  Durability(matings)≥500                                     

Physical Specifications

Jumper cable 3m angle DIN Male to 7/16 Female

Jumper cable 5m angle DIN Male to 7/16 Female

Jumper cable 3m Straight DIN Male to 7/16 Female

Jumper cable 2m Straight  DIN Male to 7/16 Female 

Jumper cable 5m Straight  DIN Male to 7/16 Male 

Jumper cable 6m Straight  DIN Male to 7/16 Male 

Jumper cable 3m angle DIN Male to 7/16 DIN Male

Jumper cable 3m 4.3/10 Male to Female

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